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I am an Accredited Color Mirrors teacher and very excited to be able to bring Colour Mirrors to the USA. 

Melissie Jolly and I have been friends for + 17 years living within 5 klms of each other in the Hillcrest area of Kwa Zulu Natal, in South Africa. I and other friends were privileged to see the birth and unfolding of Colour Mirrors ( then Colour Works) in 2000 and 2001. Back then, I attended the foundation workshops, when there were only about 40 bottles – the chakra set, and some spritzers.

I loved to be able to visit Melissie a watch as she mixed up her beautiful bottles like an alchemist in her castle-! When Melissie relocated to Stanford I so missed being able to pop in to see her, and have readings. Visits to Stanford were too few and far between after that. 

Staying in touch with Melissie over the years as friends Color Mirrors BottlesI was not fully aware of how Colour Mirrors was expanding its beautiful butterfly wings across our planet-  Spirit guided my life into other directions teaching the Flower of Life, where I connected with the Metatron energy with the Sacred Geometry work- and then also  opening `Sacred Space` my teaching centre, where I was privileged to learn many other healing disciplines. 

I now find myself here in Colorado and in exactly the right place and time to again connect with the bottles and facilitate the grounding of Colour Mirrors into the USA. Through Melissie I have made contact with Moira Bush who now practices and lives in the UK. Moira has very generously agreed to be here in Colorado during April 2013 to facilitate a Colour Mirrors Practitioner Training. This first US training is being offered at a considerably reduced fee in order to allow the energy to be moved through as many individuals as possible to lay a solid foundation here. Moira will also be offering other workshops whilst she is in the USA.

You will see on my home page here that my motto  is -`Helping People Help Themselves` - to me Colour Mirrors is the perfect medium to achieve this at this time. Please consider joining Moira and myself on this training – or one of the other workshops Moira will be presenting.

Blessings to you All. 



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